Copic Art: Marker Coloring and Lining Art Tutorial

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Good day, Copic artists! Here is an exciting alternatives to copic markers art tutorial that you’ll enjoy using your favorite markers. This tutorial will also introduce the best practices of using Copic markers in photography and graphic arts. Before we start working on our line art, it is best to set our patience and dedication in making line art. So, grab your markers, have a sketchpad ready, launch your photo editor and scanner, and let’s start!

Copic marker

Step #1: Prepare your drawing materials.

You must have everything prepared before you even start sketching your line art. This step will prepare you for a more streamlined process in making line art and enhancing it with marker coloring.

Here are the materials you need to prepare:

Copic Markers (or any available markers of various colors)

Sketch Pad or Paper

Printer with Scanner but this is optional.

Photo Editing program which is also optional.

Cardstock paper

Lining and White Gel Pens

Patience and Love for Art, which is something you have!

Step #2: Draw your Line Art.

You don’t have to follow what is drawn in this tutorial. You can draw anything you like. Whatever subject you’re interested in drawing, have it sketched on the sketch pad or paper. You’ll take up some etching and erasing at this part, and that’s fine. Once you’re done, clean your sketch until it is ready for printing.

Step #3: Scan your drawing and print it on cardstock.

Markers are heavy inks and will smudge the bottom part of your sketching paper. A cardstock won’t let markers bleed on the surface, and it will make your line art look cleaner and more vibrant.

You can retrace your sketch on the cardstock. However, to make it look even cleaner, a scanner will help you capture your sketch and print it on the cardstock. You can use a photo editing app, like Photoshop to enhance your sketched line art for better printing. Once you have the digitized copy, print your sketch on the cardstock.

Step #4: Start coloring your line art with the markers.

Start with basic coloring. You can worry about shades and edges later on. Start with flat colors. If you’re drawing a manga character, start coloring the skin before the clothes. Also, start doing lighter tones before adding darker tones to your line art.

Step #5: Add some depths and highlights to your colored line art.

For more detailed line art, add some shades or lighten up certain areas of it to make it look more realistic, even three-dimensional.

Step #6: Make some more color touches to your drawing.

You can embezzle more details to your drawing to make it look more vibrant. You can add more highlights to the drawing. You can experiment with marker colors to have a more exciting output. It is best to make sure all colors are done before lining the drawing with ink.

Step #7: Outline your line art with ink pens.

This finishing touch will add the solid lines that will create more details to the line art. Also, it is what makes this drawing a line art – the inking part to create solid edges to the drawing. It is best to use ink pens of various tips for more precise details.

Upload your Copic Art Online

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