What You Should Know About Digital Photos

It is easy to say that electronic picture frame are naturally the outcome of digital photography. This is an answer that many obviously would agree to, but in fact, there is more to what contains a digital photograph.
Firstly, here are some definitions of terms that will help you better understand what a digital photograph is:

RGB (red, green, and blue) – this represents the colors used and displayed on an electronic device. These colors can be mixed in different proportions to produce any color visible on the scale.
Pixel – this is the basic unit of an image. Pixels are small dots combined that make up the …

How to Have Superior Audio in Your Digital Video Making

The advancement in digital video recording has brought tremendous film productions to a higher level. Thanks to advanced pieces of equipment and techniques reviewed by that are excellent in capturing audio recordings, we are now enjoying the crisp and vivid details of sounds from videos.
However, distracting noises such as background noises are also recorded with such details as well. For that, there are many ways that digital videographers can do to ease such problems.
That said, here are some tips you want to follow during the pre-production phase:
Use the Right Equipment for the Job
Choosing …

Tips on How to Photograph Juice Bottles

Product photography is often used as a medium of marketing and advertisement. For general marketing, as much as food photography is on-trend, photographing beverages are also as important.
Dry objects are more easy to photograph than those with reflective and shiny surfaces such as omeja masticating juicers – best cold press juicer and juice bottles. Photographers of beer, soda, and juice bottles use different techniques to give their subject an excellent shot.
In this article, we’ll show you 3 tips on how to photograph juice bottles.
Water and Glycerin
For photographing juice bottles, you have two …

List of the Best Cloud Storage for Photographers in 2019

Nowadays, filling your hard drives with photos is easy as one, two and three. With the popularity of social media among the people, taking photos has become part of our culture. However, the use of hard drives and other photo storage has a lot of disadvantages over photo stick reviews. Huge pixel and raw files account for taking up the majority of the space that your hard drive can offer. An online solution is required in this kind of scenario.
Amateur and professional photographers can benefit from saving their images in places online. As a world-renowned photographer once said, “As a photographer, you …

Capturing Wildlife with Trail Cameras

If you’re interested in wild game studying and observation, having a collection of game cameras will surely help. With game cameras, you can watch and enjoy the wild animals closely through close-up images in a discrete manner without scaring them off.
You can also tactfully watch any intruders in the wild animal’s territory. You don’t even have to be physically present. Just by strapping the camera on a tree and setting it, you can go back to your other activities then come back to find the amazing shots later on.
In case you’re wondering how the trail cameras work, these points below will give you an idea:

Using GoPro as A Security Camera

GoPros have become extremely popular over the past few years. New versions came with new features that surely enticed numerous households. Moreover, many people have been wondering if GoPros can be used as reliable security cameras. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can use your GoPro as a security camcorder the right way.
The Pros of Using GoPro as a Security Camera
While GoPros are not engineered to be used as a security surveillance camera, its 3 advantages listed below are what makes it highly possible:
Since GoPros are small in size, you can literally just…

Improve Eyesight with CBD Oils to Enhance Photography Skills

There had been plenty of speculations with the use of marijuana as medicine to cure a number of diseases. But years of scientific studies, articles, and legislative changes have led the cbd oil and cannabis as being a more readily accepted and recognized drug to treat various kinds of diseases from Parkinson’s disease to glaucoma (a common eye problem).
Many of these diseases hinder people to work at their jobs 100% since some of these diseases impair at least one of our senses that is necessary for a person’s day to day job.
Examples of affected individuals are photographers. Many are into photography nowadays since a lot of people …

How to Take Pictures of Your DIY Apparel Products?

How your apparel products look online has a major effect on sales. Mediocre-looking product photographs can lessen consumers’ interest, thus leading to a disastrous result. Luckily, you don’t have to spend thousands of cash on equipment or professional help to produce stunning custom hoodies images that will imprint trust and success in your hoodies E-commerce business. In this article, you’ll learn how to shoot your product photo like a pro.
Plan your Shoot
Just by conducting random photo sessions, you will not get the job done. You need to have a vision or goal first. When you’re still clueless, look for …

How to Build an Epic Photography Website

If you are a savvy photographer, you can agree that a website is an essential tool for your photography business. It increases your business’ visibility, reduces your marketing expenses, and places your business on an equal competing ground with your rivals. Moreover, a good website enhances your brand’s credibility, and it showcases your work to prospective VPS customers.
Despite these paybacks, many photographers find it hard to develop and manage a good website. Are you one of those photographers? If yes, the following is a complete guide to help you develop an easy-to-use, professional photography website.
Set …

Food Photography, Dorset

A delectable professional food photography is one of the effortless ways to attract new clients to your diner or coffee shop. Dorset is filled with remarkable cuisine, and amazing kitchen applicances. However, the food photography of some businesses in the area is not very alluring as not all businesses believe in the power of photography. Instead, they think of photographers as an added liability that they have to waste their money on, so they just tend to do it themselves, using low-quality equipment like a smartphone.

Outstanding food photography that looks desirable is the best marketing tool that food businesses could have. …

KODAK AZ901 Review

Just slightly less than 2000mm, Kodak AZ901 is considered one of the most super compact super zoom cameras in the world at a focal range of 1980 mm. For photography enthusiasts or amateurs, this is very suitable for a reasonable price of £399.

When you take everything out of the box, you can see that it’s quite an attractive kit and relatively compact even if it has an immense focal range. When you jump off the recliner and carry it around easily without too much burden, and for those who are used to heavy DSLRs, this equipment is really lightweight.

London’s Dating Website Photographer

Saye started as a street photographer then eventually became a dating website photographer. Back in 2015 and 2016, requested her to do a photo shoot for their #loveyourimperfections campaign for social media. She was tasked to capture photos of strangers in the streets in London, with their permission and ask each and every one she took photos of to spill their imperfection so that they can share their stories, and could use them for their campaign.