Questions to Ask Clients Ahead of A Photography Job

Once you get the feel of the photography world, you will realize that there are a lot of opportunities for you, and they just kept pouring in. You’ll soon be overwhelmed by all the job offers which are all tempting and would give you the much-needed experience and learning opportunity in your craft.

As much as you want to accept every offer there is, you also need to consider the possible outcomes if you didn’t meet the clients’ needs and expectations just because you rushed to do the job and put too much on your plate. Chemistry is also a factor in having a successful photographer-client relationship which will lead to a successful outcome. If this is lacking, you should think twice before accepting any photography job offer. There are clients also that ask you to do a photography job for them but the timeline is way out of your league and when something’s not done on time, they will hold you accountable for it. So, you should manage expectations well.

That’s why it’s really necessary for you to prepare some questions that will matter most with your prospective project. Send it to your client for documentation purposes, and to make sure that everything will be covered before making your decision.

You and your client should agree with each other’s terms and conditions. In this way, you are sure that your efforts won’t go to waste because there’s a binding contract that needs to be followed and can also be used against your client if conditions will not be met.

Clarify with your client your payment terms and ask them if they are okay with it. Booking deposit is one of the most convenient ways of securing your payment. Ask a deposit or an advance payment prior to your photoshoot. The percentage depends on you and the client’s ability to pay.

This is the most important question to ask your prospective client because there’s no point in continuing the project if your client’s only compensation for your hard work is a shout out or an exposure on their social media accounts.

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