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A delectable professional food photography is one of the effortless ways to attract new clients to your diner or coffee shop. Dorset is filled with remarkable cuisine, and amazing kitchen applicances. However, the food photography of some businesses in the area is not very alluring as not all businesses believe in the power of photography. Instead, they think of photographers as an added liability that they have to waste their money on, so they just tend to do it themselves, using low-quality equipment like a smartphone.

Outstanding food photography that looks desirable is the best marketing tool that food businesses could have. These are photos that would make someone crave for something every time. The presentation should of course speak for itself, not just false expectations. The client should receive around the same aesthetic appeal as the captured image of the cuisine.

Paying attention to food photography will also give the customers an impression that you have attention to detail and that you care about giving customers the best experience overall.

Saye has an expertise in food, being a chef at a French cookery school and professional photographer with some of the biggest global brands like Adidas, Jose Cuervo, and Peugeot for a very long time. On the other hand, his Australian wife, Chrystall, is also a professional food photographer for many UK brands and shares her passion for food through writing. Together, they teamed up to provide their clients with the most heavenly and delicious photography presentation a food business could ever have. With their keen attention even to the slightest detail, their clients would crave for more, and the restaurant’s customers would surely take a second look at the menu, whether in magazine or online, and order the food in their restaurants because of the very colorful presentation they see on print or online.

Hiring a professional photographer to showcase your menu and level up your business is surely costly and sometimes, time-consuming for some, but when you think of it as an investment, it will help boost your sales and rank up your name in the food industry. If you want to step up, food photography is no longer an option—it’s now becoming a necessity.

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