KODAK AZ901 Review

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Just slightly less than 2000mm, Kodak AZ901 is considered one of the most super compact super zoom cameras in the world at a focal range of 1980 mm. For photography enthusiasts or amateurs, this is very suitable for a reasonable price of £399.

When you take everything out of the box, you can see that it’s quite an attractive kit and relatively compact even if it has an immense focal range. When you jump off the recliner and carry it around easily without too much burden, and for those who are used to heavy DSLRs, this equipment is really lightweight.

With a fully articulated screen, this camera allows you to create more creative angles, and this is really recommended for vloggers out there because it’s very easy to use, as you can conveniently see yourself while filming. The zoom quality is the topmost reason for you to buy this camera.

If you’re into wildlife photography or a person who’s fond of the city life, you will surely love this camera because of the zoom quality of its focal range which you cannot achieve with camera phones or other compact cameras who have a limited focal length. Because of this feature, it allows you to even be more creative with your photos. It also has a good image quality and has rich and vivid colors which Kodak typically has.

It is also suitable for architecture photography and minimal photography as it allows you to take photos that are not that visible in buildings and reach points that other cameras can’t.

Though it has an image stabilization feature, a tripod can also be a big help at lowering shutter speeds and being able to retain the ISO low to have a good quality image. This is much better to use during the day because its ISO is fairly limited and not that impressive on a low light.

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