5 Tips to Take Stunning Travel Photos

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To be able to collect all the fun memories and experiences while student music travel, it is important to take photos and videos while on the trip. This is especially true if you are part of group travels such as student travel tours. This will enable you to record all the fun, laughter, and adventures you have encountered and felt during the time of travel.

Learning travel photography is not really a required skill while you are on a trip. Learning the basics, however, will increase your chances in taking awesome travel photos and take better pictures right away. These tips below will teach you how to take stunning photos as you travel.

Learn the Basics of Taking Beautiful Photos

To be able to capture beautiful travel photos, it is important to learn the basics first. First and foremost, it is important to ensure that your camera is level. You need to stop moving to be able to avoid taking blurry images. You can hold your camera with your hands or use a tripod for this.

Learn the Rules of Compositing Pictures that People Will Like

Composition in photography means taking photos that people will like and enjoy. There are rules that you need to learn so you can take stunning photos. These are as follows:

  • The rule of thirds – this is the most important rule of composition. It involves breaking the image into three equal parts vertically, horizontally, or both. A good example is a sunset shot where you can break your shot into one-third sea and two-thirds sky.
  • Leading lines – this is a rule where you use different features such as natural geography to lead the eyes of the viewer to the subject. A good example is using a road as a leading line towards your main subject of the image.
  • Foreground, midground, and background – when taking a shot, you have to think of the different elements that are needed by an image to capture a beautiful shot. This is what the foreground, midground, and background of the shot are all about. This rule is great when taking landscape photography such as a city skyline.
  • Framing – this is about using what is around your main subject to be used as a frame for your pictures.

Learn to Shoot “Focal Points”

This is where you isolate your subject by making it sharp and in focus and the background is blurry. This technique is useful when shooting at events such as weddings and family gatherings.  In your camera, use the “portrait” or “people” mode to achieve this effect.

Learn the Importance of Colors in Photography

Different colors work well together, and you have to learn this if you are into photography. When doing travel photography, it is important to keep an eye on contrasting and complementary colors while taking those beautiful shots.

Shot an Image that Tells a Story

When taking a picture during travel, it is important that the image you take tells a story of how the picture was made. Creating a moment that will enable a shot that brings the life of an image will need patience and a lot of practice. This will require research and a lot of practice to master.


Taking stunning and beautiful photos during travel can be difficult at first. However, by practicing consistently, you will be able to master travel photography in no time.

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