How to Take Pictures of Your DIY Apparel Products?

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How your apparel products look online has a major effect on sales. Mediocre-looking product photographs can lessen consumers’ interest, thus leading to a disastrous result. Luckily, you don’t have to spend thousands of cash on equipment or professional help to produce stunning custom hoodies images that will imprint trust and success in your hoodies E-commerce business. In this article, you’ll learn how to shoot your product photo like a pro.

Plan your Shoot

Just by conducting random photo sessions, you will not get the job done. You need to have a vision or goal first. When you’re still clueless, look for magazines or clothing brochures where you want your apparels to be in. Pay attention to the details of that photography such as the kind of lighting used, the background, the angles where to shoot from, and many more. Then, get all the elements you love and use them in your own work.

Go for Neutral Background

How can you make your items, like simple t-shirts, shine? One effective way is to use a simple, neutral background. Neutral means go for white, black, or gray. If it’s your first time, choose white since it is very clean and many beginners find it easy to shoot on. Also, a white background is required when you’re running product listing ads in comparison to shopping sites like A white wall or cloth or even a white piece of paper will do. Just place it on the back of your apparel to get the desired effect.

Be Mindful to Your Lighting

It’s surprising how having good lighting can make a big difference when taking product photos. You may have the perfect gear, photo composition, positioning and angle, but bad lighting will ruin it all in a flash. In many cases, the ideal choice is to use dispersed natural light when it comes to lighting.

Stabilize Your Camera

A steady camera will give an excellent quality of your product photo. It produces sharper photographs, so consider investing a tripod or searching for anything from your house or workplace that’s going to work such as a chair or a pile of thick books. An additional trick to attain the best results is to use the timer option on your DLSR or camera phones and preset it to a two-second delay. This very brief delay will let your camera re-focus itself after you push the button to capture a photo.

Take More Than One Shot

Even though buyers will only see the final, best shot of your apparel product, this doesn’t mean that you’ll achieve it in just one, two, or even three takes. Rather than focusing to get that one perfect shot, snap few more solid photos then determine after which one is the best perfect shot.


Product photos are a vital ingredient to boost your marketing effort online. With your camera, your fabulous clothing products, and this guide on your hand, you’ve got all the things you need to generate product photos for the success of your business.

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