Ways to Post the Best Profile Picture in Your Online Dating Account

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In a world where work and family take most of our time, most people are turning to dating apps with the aim of finding love online. Whilst some are successful and end up finding their mates, others find it difficult to get matches on their apps. When it comes to the online dating world, pleasure-seeker.com wrote about it here that your profile picture is like your advertising space, hence choosing the right one can guarantee success in finding matches and going for many dates.

Here are some useful tips on how to choose the best profile picture for your dating app.

Show Your Natural Smile

Happiness is attractive and a smile is irresistible. Let your profile picture show your natural smile and avoid those pictures where you look unhappy, aggressive, or stern. According to a PhotoFeeler Study done recently, it was found that looking at the camera while smiling was considered more attractive. The study also found that individuals who show their teeth while smiling were considered more likeable, competent, and influential than those who don’t.

Wear Something Bright

According to an analysis done by Tinder, most online users (72% men and 52% women) opt to use a picture where they have worn neutral colors like beige, black, and white. For this reason, you should choose a profile picture where you are wearing something bright so that your picture can really stand out.

Red has been identified as the color that is more likely to attract a mate online. Researchers have also reported that women who wear red fare better since most suitors love women in red attire. Flaunt red attire in your dating app pictures and all eyes will be on you. What’s more, women who showcase their cleavage do better than their counterpart.

Take a Full-Body Shot

Most potential suitors prefer the full body shot since it clears doubt about an individual’s age, weight, and height. A full-body shot gives you the opportunity to flaunt your best features like your curves and long legs. Based on a dating profile data from app Zoosk and online dating site, one is likely to get 203% more messages when they post a full-body shot. They also get up to 33% more replies to their messages than the average.

Choose a Background that Sparks Conversation

Choose a photo of you in a background that will spark conversation. For men, photos that indicate interest in nature, exercise, theater, or politics are great conversation starters, according to eHarmony’s research. For women, the study showed that photos that include family, health, art, food, and dancing were great conversation starters.

Be the Star of Your Pictures

Make sure that you are the star of your primary photo so that it can be easy for people especially those viewing your profile for the first time to know you. According to dating profile data from Zoosk, individuals that use group shots as the leading image for their dating profile get 42% fewer messages than those who just pose pictures of themselves.

However, it is not entirely wrong to pose group photos as they can get you 74% more likes, according to Hinge’s Profile Picture. Therefore, if you choose to use group photos on your dating app, be smart about it and don’t use it as your primary photo.

Add More Photos

If you want more matches, do not upload only one picture. It has been identified that 4 is the magic number which is likely to get you more incoming messages and longer conversations. Dating experts also recommend posting different pictures with multiple shots like the classic headshot and full-body shot. This way, you will be showing the different perspectives of who you really are in all aspects.


When it comes to posting pictures in your online dating app, the secret is to be your most authentic self and not to try too hard. Choose pictures that make a real connection and capture your personality so that the right mate can find you. Most importantly, avoid including selfies or pictures where you are wearing sunglasses or using too much filter on your dating app.

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