Best Cloud Storages for Photographers

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If you’re a photographer, one of your possible challenges is finding great photo storage like photostick reviews for all your work. Now, in the past, that would have meant rooms and boxes but because of the advancing technology, digital storages and even online ones, also known as cloud storage, are available at your disposal.

If you’re looking for the best cloud storage for your photos, here are some that might be suitable for your needs.


One of the most popular online storages for photographers is Crashplan. It has many features including automatically backing up your files from the folders of your choice. That means that as long as this folder is selected, you will never miss any photo. The best thing about Crashplan, though, is it offers unlimited storage for only $10 a month for each device. You can also remove or plug again hard drives without having to worry about restarting the whole back up process. Also, should there be any problems, support is available.

The only drawback of this is that it can be slow.


Another one of the best options is Dropbox. This cloud storage allows you to back up raw files and view them as preview images. Dropbox also lets you put passwords to your galleries and add logos to your folders for better organization. You can also share files with its easy tools for image sharing, and keep track of those shared files using the tools built-in for tracking.

The disadvantage with Dropbox is that its storage limit is 1 terabyte, which means that if your photos exceed that size, you will have to pay another $16 for another account every month.


If you’re looking for something that not only serves as storage but is also a great platform for you to organize and sell your work, Photoshelter is the one for you. It basically has everything you need if you’re planning to have a photography business.

However, it doesn’t come cheap. To get unlimited storage with Photoshelter, you will have to spend $45 monthly.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is great cloud storage for Amazon Prime users. An Amazon Prime account comes with 1 TB of photo storage. Now, if you’re not a Prime member, you can still have an Amazon Drive, but it will cost you $59.99 annually. That price is not that bad for an annual price and for easy access to all your photos from any device using Prime Photos app.


If you’re a bit low on budget, Blackbaze is a good option for you. Their personal plan starts at $5 a month, and that already comes with unlimited storage. The interface may be a little outdated, but it’s still good storage to sync and back up your files automatically.


Smugmug offers the same features as Photoshelter does, but with Smugmug, you get to modify your services. You can choose to only pay for exactly the kind of service you need. It’s also affordable yet offers unlimited storage; that’s one of its pros. Its con is that files are not automatically uploaded.


All these are great cloud storage for your photos. You just have to go for the one that caters to your exact needs and is affordable at the same time.

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