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LumeJet is a printing company located in the UK. It’s relatively new in the printing industry, and they often tap some of the most popular photographers in the world.

According to LumeJet, they are the only developer of the 400ppi true continuous tone printer, and they are now operating premium quality services using their machines. They have very accurate prints, though not that large, which are only up to 1000 mm x 305 mm, and they pride themselves on that. They strive to offer exhibition-quality prints for photographers to show their portfolio in the most impressive way possible. They only use the best Fuji professional silver halide papers for their printing at very reasonable prices.

They really are true to their promise. Once a photographer accepts their offer and delivers the finished output, you will truly be impressed by the portfolio presentation, which is something you can proudly show to anyone.

LumeJet is a printing company that’s worth a shot. Their finished products are just perfect, and the company really embodies their mission of producing excellent results.

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