How to Choose Background Music for Your Next Video

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Making music videos is pretty popular nowadays. Apps like nhạc tik tok hay with Tik Tok music enable people to create their own videos and publicize it. One important factor in video making is the background music. Background music, despite the name, makes for a big impact on your video. It also factors in the viewers’ reaction to the video. So yes, background music isn’t just background; it’s an important factor in the video that should be really thought about.

So how do you choose the right background music for your next video? What are the things you should consider?

Your Message

What is your message? What do you want to convey to the viewers? It is important that you know this before actually choosing your background music. You don’t want the song of your choice to give the viewers a different message than what you’re giving, or worse, the complete opposite. Also, consider the purpose of your video. Is it for entertainment? Is it for advertising? Is it to give information?

The Role of the Background Music

Is it to urge viewers to feel? Is it to give the viewers a bigger message impact? Is it just so the video wouldn’t sound so lacking and boring? It really depends on how you want your video to be seen. Soft background music is usually used in informative videos while music with dramatic sounds is usually used in videos that hope to get a strong reaction from the audience.

The Mood of the Video

You don’t want a piece of happy music to a supposedly sad video, do you? That is why you have to determine the mood of your video first before choosing the background music. Is the video a positive video? Is it an emotional one? Is it a scary one?

The Genre of the Music

There are many music genres available today. You will have to think about your target audience as well so that you can match the genre of the background music for your video. Another thing to consider is the setting of your video. If it’s filmed in, let’s say, a farm with farm animals, a Metallica song would unlikely match.

Music with Voice

Try to choose background music that sends a message on its own. Of course, it has to be the same one your video is sending. Select a song that would make the audience think more about what the video is saying.

Don’t Steal

It’s important that you do your video legally. Even when millions of songs on the Internet are available, it’s still important that you get a license or permission to use the song for your video. You don’t want legal problems in the future.


You may have a song in mind, but there’s a good chance that there is a better song for your video. You can explore more by checking out related songs to the one you have chosen firsthand. This will give you more and, possibly, better options which would consequently make your video a better one.

Background music can determine if the viewer would watch your video again, share it, or stay away from it. That is why choosing music should not be taken lightly.

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