Tips And Tricks For Cosplay Photography

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The popular pastime of watching movies & anime online has inspired fans everywhere to make their own costumes and dress up as their favorite characters in a hobby known as “cosplay”. Cosplayers attend conventions where they can meet their fellow fans and sometimes, fans of their own. You can check some movies like this on Movies123 and similar sites.

For aspiring photographers, this can be a good venue to practice photography as many cosplayers would be happy to pose for a picture or two. However, as with shooting any model, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to know if you are to take shots of cosplayers.

Ask For Permission

Before anything else, you need to ask permission from the cosplayers to take their pictures. Although you can snap away at conventions, it’s still best if you ask them before taking their pictures. This is because with your model being fully aware that he or she is being photographed, you’ll get better and more interesting shots compared to candid photos. They’ll be more willing to strike poses and might even allow you to direct them yourself.

Create A Narrative In Your Photos

Creating a narrative is a must if you want your photos to have meaning, instead of being simply a picture of something or someone. This will make your pictures more striking and interesting and prevent them from being unnoticeable.

This may seem difficult in settings like conventions where time and space are limited, but it’s not impossible to work with what you’ve got. You just need to find a position where you can get a better shot if where you are doesn’t fit the narrative you’re creating.

Confer With Your Model

Discussing the shot with your subject is important as they’re part of it too and doing so might help you achieve the shot you’re going for. Moreover, your models might even have insightful suggestions on how to make the shot more interesting as they might be more familiar with the character they are portraying than you are.

Additionally, this will clarify what the main goal of the shot is and how your intention will translate to the viewers.

Experiment With Angles

Taking a shot from only one angle can be boring and wastes the potential of creating more interesting shots. Furthermore, angles can change the narrative of your whole photo, depending on where it is shot.

A shot from below can make the character more powerful and imposing, while a shot from above can make them seem more vulnerable and submissive. Additionally, experimenting with angles can better highlight the character’s best features, making the photo even more impressive.

Mind Your Lighting And The Surroundings

Using natural light or sunlight is best because it makes the scene in your photo look more natural. If you’re shooting indoors, you can get natural light from windows or doorways. You can even use reflectors to minimize the shadows on your subject’s face if the lighting is insufficient.

Additionally, one of the basic points of photography is ensuring that the focus remains on your subject. Eliminate anything that might be distracting behind them or in the case of conventions where this isn’t possible, try to look for a place where you can shoot your model without distractions.

However, busy backgrounds aren’t always bad. They can make your photo more lively and interesting. Just make sure that you’re using it to your subject’s advantage instead of taking away the focus from them.

Cosplay photography is a great way to practice your photography with fascinating and colorful characters. Moreover, it’s easier to make narratives with cosplayers compared to regular models as their costumes are already a story. The most important thing to remember is that you and your subject should have fun while doing the shoot.

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