Using GoPro as A Security Camera

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GoPros have become extremely popular over the past few years. New versions came with new features that surely enticed numerous households. Moreover, many people have been wondering if GoPros can be used as reliable security cameras. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can use your GoPro as a security camcorder the right way.

The Pros of Using GoPro as a Security Camera

While GoPros are not engineered to be used as a security surveillance camera, its 3 advantages listed below are what makes it highly possible:


Since GoPros are small in size, you can literally just fit one in your pocket and take it wherever you need. You can also easily place it in any corners at home or on an establishment where you plan on using it as a surveillance camera.


GoPros are engineered to be used for people’s different outdoor adventures. It is crafted to withstand varying extreme temperatures and resist moisture which most security cameras also possess. Thus, whether you live in an area where typhoons or intense heat and humidity is common, you can still count on your GoPro.

Wide-Angle Lens

GoPro features an ultra-wide, fisheye shot angle which makes it good for capturing expansive scale footage when you plan on using it as a security camcorder.

Using GoPro as Security Camera

Setting Up Your GoPro Camera

The first obvious thing to do is to turn on your GoPro. Go over the Capture Settings and have your camera set to Loop so that it will constantly record. Once the SD card is full, it will automatically delete all the previous video clips and start re-recording.

The second thing to do is to set the option to Maximum and set the resolution to 720p or 1080p at 30 frames per second. Setting the video resolution to over 1080p is extremely essential since videos typically consume bigger memory space. Moreover, having your GoPro set to Loop video allows it to produce video clips every 15 minutes and automatically overwrite the previous video footage every time the memory reaches its limit.

To prevent your GoPro from losing power, plug the USB cable into your GoPro and plug the other end to an electric outlet for a continuous power supply.

Additionally, GoPro has a cool feature of creating its own WiFi hotspot which you can use to connect multiple devices such as mobile phones or a computer.

2. Connecting to GoPro’s Online Server

Connecting your GoPro to its web server is pretty simple. Just open your browser and input this IP address: Basically, the GoPro app on mobile devices including Android and IOS uses the server to access files GoPro files. To stream videos straight to your personal computer, you simply have to connect it to the GoPro’s HTTP server.

You may watch a live preview of what your GoPro camera is streaming by navigating the live folder link. To view the live stream, just click on the file with the name dynamic.m3u8.


There you go – using your GoPro as a security camera is definitely achievable. You just have to be more experimental and explore all the amazing features your GoPro has to offer.

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