List of the Best Cloud Storage for Photographers in 2019

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Nowadays, filling your hard drives with photos is easy as one, two and three. With the popularity of social media among the people, taking photos has become part of our culture. However, the use of hard drives and other photo storage has a lot of disadvantages over photo stick reviews. Huge pixel and raw files account for taking up the majority of the space that your hard drive can offer. An online solution is required in this kind of scenario.

Amateur and professional photographers can benefit from saving their images in places online. As a world-renowned photographer once said, “As a photographer, you should always keep three copies of your photos”. In an ever-growing world of photography, this list of the best cloud storage is highly recommended to be used by photographers.


Though you cannot upload folders here at 500px, uploading multiple photos is easy and user-friendly. Photographers can add a license, watermark, and metadata (tags) to all your uploaded photos. Their mobile app also has a modern feel and is more compatible to use with professional photographers than amateurs. The major drawback of this storage service is that it does not support RAW files.


Although SmugMug’s free trial only lasts for two weeks, its inexpensive premium plans are certainly worth it. This storage server was started last 2002 and still operates as of the moment. You can customize your portfolio freely such as designing and changing your domain name. Users can also sell their images or send various projects to printing laboratories.

Amazon Prime Photos

The Amazon prime photos server has built-in drag-and-drop upload system not present in other platforms-users can also upload entire folders using this way. You can also upload RAW files and recognize them as photo formats and will not be counted in your Amazon drive quota.


pCloud is new to this area of business and is only operating since 2013. With this storage server being new, it is compatible with the latest models of laptops and desktop computers. pCloud’s desktop client is quite alike to some cloud storage servers, but when you install it, you are provided by a virtual drive in which you can upload and sync your photos in the drive.


What’s best about Flickr is that it started to offer a storage plan that is unlimited-users can also choose to use their 1TB storage space for free. Even though the drag and drop method of uploading photos is not applicable, uploading through your desktop computers is still quite easy. You also cannot upload RAW files in Flickr.

Even with these drawbacks, their features which include collection, organizing, and camera roll makes Flickr one of the best storage servers in the field of proper organization of photos.

These are by far the best cloud storage servers that can be found in the market as of 2019. Professional or amateur photographers must use the servers from the list if they want to keep a great place to store their photos without worrying that their hard drives and photo storage get full.

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