Tips on How to Photograph Juice Bottles

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Product photography is often used as a medium of marketing and advertisement. For general marketing, as much as food photography is on-trend, photographing beverages are also as important.

Dry objects are more easy to photograph than those with reflective and shiny surfaces such as omeja masticating juicers – best cold press juicer and juice bottles. Photographers of beer, soda, and juice bottles use different techniques to give their subject an excellent shot.

In this article, we’ll show you 3 tips on how to photograph juice bottles.

Water and Glycerin

For photographing juice bottles, you have two options—making it look cold and thirst-quenching or making it look plain and simple. For the latter option, it would be easier since you’ll just need to find the right lighting and be creative on the post-processing of the shot. For the other option, you’ll need to be a little more creative.

Studio temperature is one of the largest enemies a photographer can have—most especially if his subject is food and beverages, which for this matter is juice bottles. It won’t be convenient to use a fresh-from-the-fridge juice bottle for photography. It will only make the background wet and look untidy. To give your subject a thirst-quenching look, you may mix water with glycerin to create fake bottle frostings. This is one of the strategies being used to photograph cocktail glasses and frappe cups.

Light and Colors

In all types of photography that there is, the lighting is an important component. The quality of the photo will depend on the lighting that the subject receives. For photographing juice bottles, you may experiment with hard light and backlights. Front subject lighting isn’t advisable for this matter since it may reflect the surface of the bottle which may appear badly on the shot.

In choosing colors for the background and foreground, choose the most complimentary ones. It will help the colors to pop more and be visually relaxing and attractive. The choosing of colors should also consider the target market and the product purpose. For bottled adult beverages, it is advisable to choose dark and elegant color schemes; for bottled beverages for all ages, it would be advisable to choose bright and lively color schemes.

Creative Garnishing

To make your subject look more, be creative on your finishing garnishes. First, you’ll need to consider the benefits of juice that it contains; is it for nutrition supplement or plainly just for thirst-quenching. The source of the benefits of juice will also help you choose the right items to include on your scenery; for instance, if your juice is extracted from apples, you may add apple slices on the scene. In addition, you may also use fake ice cubes as a garnish. You may purchase fake ice cubes on art stores and online.

Keep in mind that bottle photography should show and reflect the benefits of juice that it gives. Make it look engaging to the masses and attractive to its target market.

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