Food Photography, Dorset

A delectable professional food
photography is one of the effortless ways to attract new clients to your diner
or coffee shop. Dorset is filled with remarkable cuisine. However, the food
photography of some businesses in the area is not very alluring as not all
businesses believe in the power of photography. Instead, they think of
photographers as an added liability that they have to waste their money on, so
they just tend to do it themselves, using low-quality equipment like a

Outstanding food photography that
looks desirable is the best marketing tool that food businesses could have.
These are photos that would make someone crave for something every time. The

KODAK AZ901 Review

Just slightly less than 2000mm, Kodak AZ901 is considered one of the most super compact super zoom cameras in the world at a focal range of 1980 mm. For photography enthusiasts or amateurs, this is very suitable for a reasonable price of £399.

When you take
everything out of the box, you can see that it’s quite an attractive kit and
relatively compact even if it has an immense focal range. You can carry it
around easily without too much burden, and for those who are used to heavy
DSLRs, this equipment is really lightweight.

With a fully
articulated screen, this camera allows you to create more creative angles, and
this is really recommended for …

London’s Dating Website Photographer

Saye started as a street photographer
then eventually became a dating website photographer. Back in 2015 and 2016, requested her to do a photo shoot for their #loveyourimperfections
campaign for social media. She was tasked to capture photos of strangers in the
streets in London, with their permission and ask each and every one she took
photos of to spill their imperfection so that they can share their stories, and could use them for their campaign.